Alliance for Nonprofit Management
Information on a network of management support organizations specializing in assistance to nonprofits, plus access to an excellent set of management resources on the topics of strategic planning, financial management, board development, and fund raising. Subscribe to PULSE!, a very useful free newsletter sent to you via electronic mail with short articles of interest on management of human service agencies.


This national organization dedicated to effective nonprofit governance offers some free resources related to board development and research on governance, with an extensive array of other publications available for purchase.

Charity Advantage

Provides free or low cost software, websites and other technology support for nonprofit organizations. Grants and technical assistance for technology are also available.

Children Now

Access to the California Children’s Databook with statistics on child health and well-being by county and for the state as a whole.

Child Trends Databank

In June 2002, Child Trends launched their “one-stop shop” for the latest trends in child and youth well-being. Visitors can sign up for email notifications of data releases related to Health, Social and Emotional Development, Income, Assets & Work, Education and Skills, Demographics, and Family and Community.

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Access to a broad range of articles, publications, and web sites related to grants, fund raising, nonprofit management, and the use of technology to operate non-profit and public organizations programs.

Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics

Provides, for comparative purposes, state and national level statistics on various child and family issues.

Foundation Center

Start with the Learning Lab option on the home page to get access to concise, practical information on how to research grant opportunities and write good proposals for grants. This web site also provides tools to get information about various foundations. Access to their complete searchable database of information about foundation grants requires a fee; however, many community-based Nonprofit Resource Centers provide free access to this database and other local resources (especially libraries and colleges) may also provide free public access.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

National organization that is dedicated specifically to supporting the needs of foundations and other types of grantmakers that issue organizational effectiveness and capacity building grants. Services include tools for assessing startup organizations from a grantmakers perspective, searchable database of more than 1,500 resources on organizational effectiveness issues, and conferences and web-based methods of allowing grantmakers to network with each other on capacity building issues.


The main electronic storefront for federal grants.

Global Family Research Project

The site offers a broad range of materials and research related to the health and well-being of children, families and neighborhoods.

Health Policy GuideHealth in All Policies

Contains information on model programs and strategies specific to achieving various forms of community health outcomes.

IKNOW Interactive Knowledge for nonprofits

Excellent general resource with information on a broad range of topics, including many of the key elements of long-term sustainability. Includes a section on fund raising with access to good information on conducting direct mail campaigns, researching funding sources, writing grants, and other related topics.

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. website offers research findings, many at no cost, in eight areas of social policy: disability, early childhood, education, health, international, labor, nutrition, and family support.

National Center for Children in Povertyhttp://

Users can locate promising models from various communities around the country for addressing issues of child and family well-being.

Nonprofit Managers Library

Outstanding general purpose resource with information on a multitude of topics relevant to nonprofit management.

RAND Corporation

Extensive library of research results and reports on numerous issues, e.g., child policy, education, health, social welfare, labor markets, population and regional studies, etc. Public research reports are available online for no cost.

Social Enterprise Alliance

The Resources page leads to an excellent collection of publications, links and research reports related to best practices in social enterprise.

Society for Human Resource Management

Leading national association dedicated to human resource management issues. A variety of resources and links are available for free to non-members; members gain access to a host of additional resources.

Tech Soup

Offers a broad range of technology-related information for nonprofits.

UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities

Resource area on this website contains information on model programs, research findings, strategies for diversifying funding, and other materials related to programs that promote children’s readiness for school. A separate resource area called School Readiness Practitioner Briefs has additional information on financing strategies as well as on sustaining collaborations.

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is a nonprofit nonpartisan policy research and educational organization established to examine the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation. The Urban Institute offers a wide range of research findings and reports on its website, most at no cost in either HTML and PDF.