SEI Tools and Publications

Whenever possible, SEI makes its tools and publications available in an effort to strengthen any organization that might benefit from them.

We encourage you to review and employ these resources. Please contact us at any time with any questions.


Research Brief: Revenue Strategies for Tough Times – An analysis of the latest research showing what revenue generation strategies work best during a recession and how to use a recessionary period to position your organization to capitalize on an economic recovery.

Research Brief: Cost and Resource Management Strategies – Diligently controlling costs can be just as important as generating new revenues. This brief offers proven ways to manage costs without having to simply do without.

Sustainability Resources – A compendium of leading research on long-term sustainability of organizations and free or low-cost resources to help succeed with the essential elements of sustainability.

Needs Assessment Focus Group Toolkit – A toolkit with instructions and forms to use in conducting focus groups or other types of forums to gather community input on local needs and assets.

Evaluation Questions and Indicators Tool – An example from a County Children and Families Commission to help frame the key questions to be answered by their evaluation systems and select indicators that are aligned with those evaluation questions.

Information and Referral Tracking Log – An Excel workbook developed for a Family Resource Center to use in tracking information and referral activities at the center. Summary statistics by month and year-to-date are automatically generated from the monthly activity logs.

When Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review is Required – This brief helps to de-mystify the question of when evaluation activities qualify as research involving human subjects that must be approved by an Institutional Review Board.

Client Case Management Vendors and Questions – A tool to help evaluate and select a computerized information system for case management services and other client-level services.

Community Collaborative Toolkit – The White House Council for Community Solutions conducted research to understand what causes change at the community level. Researchers were able to identify communities that exhibited +10% change on a community-wide scale. Based on this research, the Council put together a Community Collaborative Toolbox to help communities. For more information go to:


First 5 Northwest Region Impact Report – A model study showing the impact that First 5 Children and Families Commissions have had across the ten-county Northwest Region of California. For an executive summary of the report, click here: First 5 Northwest Region Impact Report: Executive Summary

Nevada Civil Legal Needs Assessment Report – Statewide assessment of Nevada residents’ need for civil legal services and the extent to which those needs are being met, prepared for the Nevada State Bar Association and used as the basis for strategic planning to enhance civil legal services in the state.

Ready for Life Needs Assessment Report – A research-driven assessment of the needs and conditions facing the most vulnerable youth in Washoe County, Nevada.

Santa Barbara County Oral Health Initiative Sustainability Plan – Example of a comprehensive plan for long-term sustainability of a countywide, multi-agency oral health initiative in Santa Barbara County, California. We are grateful to First 5 Santa Barbara County and the participating agencies for making this plan publicly available; SEI has developed similar sustainability plan for dozens of other organizations since 2005, but the participating organizations typically prefer to keep their plan confidential.

Behavioral Health Gaps Analysis Report 10-11-13 – SEI has completed a comprehensive gaps analysis of mental health systems in Nevada for the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

KEDS Reports

SEI has completed two statewide needs assessments that many hope will lead to the creation of a common kindergarten entry assessment in Nevada, which in turn will be linked to an early childhood data system.

The project was sponsored by the Nevada Head Start State Collaboration and Early Childhood Systems Office in an effort to aggressively pursue Race to the Top federal funding for education.

SEI staff members and partners traveled across Nevada to complete individual assessments in all seventeen counties to better understand the diverse needs in the state.

Statewide Needs Assessments

County Assessments