Like the organizations that we support, SEI is mission-driven. In all aspects of our practice, we seek to improve people’s lives by helping organizations realize their potential.  For more than 20 years, SEI has empowered service organizations, partnering with them to build their management and operations systems to better serve their constituents and communities. We serve nonprofit community service providers, state and local governmental agencies, foundations, and associations throughout the United States.

SEI’s experienced project managers invest in creating lasting relationships and developing a clear understanding of a client’s needs before moving forward with any project. In this way, we ensure the outcomes and final products are tailored to each client’s unique situation and presented in actionable, digestible formats.  SEI approaches each project with a focus on quality, continually striving to bring our clients the best practices from the nonprofit, public, and business sectors.

“SEI meets client needs in a responsive and engaging way, on time.”

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are at the core of our practice.  Clients see these principles in action in the way they are treated, in the high-quality services and products they receive, and in the significant value that each team member actively seeks to add to every interaction. We take great pride in the impact our work has on the lives of children, seniors, families, and entire communities.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics.
  • Uphold every commitment made by an SEI team member, every time.
  • Set the standard for high quality management support.
  • Ensure that clients receive significantly greater benefit than what they invest in SEI.
  • Continually enhance the professional excellence and personal fulfillment of all SEI team members.
  • Apply an anti-racist lens and evaluate issues of equity in all areas of practice.


SEI  holds a Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology (CIPP) and uses the tools, practices, and research to support an increased capacity for health, strengthened resilience, deeper mindfulness, and greater levels of overall well-being.

SEI has been designated as a California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) approved contractor (CMAS Number 4-17-03-0714A). As a CMAS provider we can contract directly with state and local government agencies in California using a streamlined process. SEI has been approved to provide audit/evaluation; change management; organizational assessment; program design, development, and implementation; strategic planning; facilitation; survey; and training                                                      development services. For more information on our services see Clients & Case Studies.