Nonprofits in San Bernardino County are reaching new heights since Social Entrepreneurs and First 5 San Bernardino established a capacity building academy there.  Capacity Building Academy (CBA) is a 10-month program that combines group learning workshops with tailored organizational coaching to increase the long-term sustainability of organizations serving children 0 to 5 and their families.

Many organizations have continued CBA participation beyond the initial 10 month program. With First 5 San Bernardino’s support they received additional coaching and served as peer mentors to new CBA participants.

What organizations gain from CBA?

Independent evaluations by Harder+Company Community Research have documented the benefits of CBA on participants and their organizations. Interviews with participants over a two year period show that organizations are more responsive to emerging opportunities and more adaptive to challenges. CBA helped them grow in the following ways:

  • A FOCUS ON MISSION. CBA pushed organizations to focus on their mission and to ensure that core operational activities — such as programs, funding, collaborations, and sustainability plans — are closely aligned to that mission.
  • SUSTAINABILITY PLANS CREATED A ROADMAP TO CHANGE. CBA provided the opportunity for organizations to engage in the long-term planning critical to sustainability and laid out a step-by-step plan unique to their organization for getting there.
  • INCREASED STRATEGIC COLLABORATIONS. CBA participants identified new strategic partners for genuine collaborations that are mutually beneficial to organizations and the community.
  • DIVERSIFIED FUNDING. Many participants had previously relied on First 5 San Bernardino as their primary funder. In the first two years, through CBA, organizations submitted grant applications to new funders totaling nearly $3 million and contributing to the long-term sustainability of their organization.