Sarah Yeats Patrick, MA joined Social Entrepreneurs (SEI) in 2007 as a Support Associate while in graduate school. Over the next ten years, Sarah has grown from her original role to a Research Associate, and to her current position as a Client Services Associate.  While at SEI, she has provided comprehensive research and analysis, and consulting services to a number of organizations and agencies throughout Nevada and California.

Sarah has a master’s degree in physical anthropology and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, both from the University of Nevada, Reno.



“I’ve been with SEI since 2007 when I was a graduate student looking for work to help pay for school. I had big dreams of becoming an anthropologist and studying culture change. Little did I know that my part-time job would soon become a life-changing career that would allow me to do just that. I love the work we do at SEI, especially when it creates positive developments for our clients and we’re able to deliver a bigger return on investment than anticipated. I see culture change happening from the work we do, and that, in and of itself, is phenomenal.”